SourcedNextDoor Launches

Let me start by saying thank you for coming onto our site – just being here helps our brand and gives strength to independent and small local business.

Our website has come on the back of being passionate about supporting the little guys and giving them a real online presence without the knowledge or large scale funding usually required.
It has been born out of the idea that it is good to help they neighbor and give back to the local community – with that in mind our pledges are as follows:
1. We will give back 25% of out profit to local communities and charities
2. We do not work with large scale or national chains
3. We will do everything we can to Save our High streets and ensure people have the best possible chance to spend there money locally where possible
The clever bit 
On this site you will find business and events listings that are 5 miles from your current location. Please feel free to ask our business questions and request quotes through our interactive listings – Each business will have their own separate contact form!  So by using this site you are ultimately helping the business and people closest to you.
Please tell as many of your friends and family about us as be part of the community movement!

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